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There is an interesting phenomenon that takes place when you have a corporate recruiting team and a local hiring manager in a different city.  It goes like this.sad-job-search

Local Hiring Manager – Has an open position and needs it filled, so local hiring manager creates a job description and sends it to the corporate recruiting team for fulfillment.  The job description lists candidate skills, education, experience, etc…

Corporate Recruiter – Gets said job description and creates a job posting. Job posting gets posted to company career page, and posted to outside job portals (Indeed, SimplyHired, Monster, Etc).

Job Candidate 1 – Finds job posting and submits resume and waits……never hears anything back

Job Candidate 2 – Finds job posting and submits resume.  Gets call from recruiter, never hears anything again.

Job Candidate 3 – Finds job posting and submits resume.  Prints off resume, places it in a nice folder with a cover sheet highlighting why they are perfect for the job.  Get dressed in nice clothes and takes resume to companies local office and hands it to the Hiring Manager.  Says, “Hello, I heard you had open positions and would like to drop off my resume for consideration”.

Local Hiring Manager – Reviews resume and calls Job Candidate 3 for an interview.

Job Candidate 3 – Has a new job Job

Local Hiring Manager – Very happily calls recruiter to close job opening.

So what happened here?

What happened is the recruiter was looking for the perfect candidate that met all the criteria the hiring manager placed in the original job description.  Since no candidate met all the criteria, the corporate recruiter never sent any candidates to the local hiring manager to review.

We see this all the time.  There are a lot of instances where I get messaged and a candidate says, “I am perfect for this job, I have been doing this for over 20 years, but I haven’t been contacted”.  I happy-job-searchreply and say, “Print off a resume tailored for the position.  Then make a cover sheet explaining why you the right person and go into your experience and specialized skills.  Now dress in interview clothes and go drop off your resume at the local office.”  Many times we have gotten a message back where they got an interview on the spot or got the job on the spot.

In many of these instances they may have not had the exact degree listed in the job description, or there was some other criteria the recruiter felt the candidate was lacking, but that the Hiring Manager would be willing to overlook for someone with the right experience or skill.  If your resume never makes it to the local Hiring Manger you won’t get the job.  So if you know that the corporate office is in New York, but the job posting is for Dallas, there is a good chance that the recruiter is in New York and the Hiring Manger is in Dallas.   This distance means there is no back and forth banter between the Hiring Manager and recruiter.  The recruiter only knows what’s in the Job Posting, so if you don’t meet every single bit of the criteria in the job description your resume never makes it to the Dallas Hiring Manager.

So if you are perfect for a position, try this:

  1. Customize your resume for the job. Make sure to look at any and all requirements, skills, education, certifications, etc and if you meet them make sure your resume reflects it towards the top.
  2. Make a custom cover sheet for the job explaining why you are perfect for the position. If you don’t have the exact degree maybe explain a skill you have that makes up for it.
  3. Submit them to the online job posting, but don’t wait.
  4. Now put on some nice clean interview worthy clothes.
  5. Drive to the local office.
  6. Politely introduce yourself to the front desk person, secretary, or whoever is there, and tell them you’re in the job market and heard they had some open positions.  Ask them if they would accept your resume for consideration.
  7. Land the job because your resume actually got to the local office when the others submitting online didn’t.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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