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As ‘Mayans M.C.’ gears up for a third season, we discuss the series and how the season 2 finale left us asking for more!

Kurt Sutter created ‘Sons of Anarchy’, a no-nonsense, bloody, bold, and violent action drama that revolved around a motorcycle club. The success of the show paved way for ‘Mayans M.C.‘, touted as the spiritual companion to ‘Sons of Anarchy’, set in the same fictional universe of Charming, a fictional town in California. While ‘Sons of Anarchy’ dealt with the club of the same name; another club by the name of Mayans Motorcycle Club made a kick-ass entry in the series and, we must say, it took away the credit from the Sons for a while. While ‘Sons of Anarchy’ ended in 2014, the creator Kurt Sutter came ahead with an idea to take the story forward, this time focusing on the Mayans. But did it work? Or did ‘Mayans M.C.’ face the fate of the many other spin-offs of highly popular series’. Let’s find out.


  • ‘Mayans M.C.’ review
  • ‘Mayans M.C.’ confusing plot points

‘Mayans M.C.’ is a Mexican-American crime drama series based on the characters we saw in ‘Sons of Anarchy’, i.e. Ezekiel Reyes, Obispo Losa, Johnny Cruz, etc. The series takes place a couple of years after the events of the parent series, and focuses on the Mayans Motorcycle Club, with the events happening hundreds of miles away from Charming, the town where all the action of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ took place. The story follows Ezekiel Reyes, known as EZ, as he struggles to extract his vengeance from those who killed his American dream during the Mexican cartel-related violence. He comes from an esteemed Mexican family and is the heart and soul of the series.

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Mayans M.C.’ review

The series begins with EZ being a prospect, doing the odd jobs for the gang. But he has a really complicated history with the cartels and American feds and that history somehow finds its way into the show via frequent flashbacks in the first season. However, the first season is not entirely simple to understand. Even in the first episode of the first season itself, the showrunners had opened up many threads one by one, making it all seem so confusing. However, as the series progressed, it got better and as the audience got a hang of the characters and their relationships; it was a compelling watch.

The series does feature some classic motorcycle action that became the highlight of SOA, but it somehow missed some beats of the story. The show is less brutal and bold and violent than SOA and while it works to an extent, the fans expecting another SOA kind of feel will be disappointed. And wasn’t it the biggest section of the audience the makers wanted to cater to?

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Confusing plot points that will hopefully be explored

Fast forward to the finale of the second season which left the fans asking for more. It left many questions unanswered, which the show-runners will (hopefully) deal with in the next season. Let’s talk about some plot points that could have been elaborated further.


The Taza Mystery – In the penultimate episode, after Mayans were shown hell by Vatos Malditos, and a key Mayan member Riz gets killed by VM’s Taza. It was a shocking twist and the season finale didn’t give us any insights into that, leaving the fans scratching their heads over what could be Taza’s motivation behind the action.


The Final Seconds – The final seconds of the finale hinted at a very important death as the Mayans wreak havoc at the birthday party, but they refrained from showing us who it was who died. But given the reaction of EZ and the crew, nobody can be patient enough to wait until the next season!


The Reyes Brothers – The Reyes brothers had just lost their mother and father when they hear the news about Riz’s death. It must have hit like a punch to the gut, but instead, an abrupt cut takes us to another plotline. What’s their next step and how did they feel?


The Character Motivations – In order to make the show seem “too edgy and cool”, the characters have a fragile sense of morality. Their motivations aren’t clearly defined. Whether it is Palo or Emily, most key characters lack depth, as compared to characters from ‘Sons of Anarchy’.


The Episode Title – The final episode of the second season was weirdly titled “Hunahpu”, which seemed quite weird. As it turns out, it was the name of the man who fathered two Mayan hero twins in the ancient Mayan mythology. Reyes Brothers!

The problem with ‘Mayans M.C.’ is that it tries too hard to look as good as ‘Sons of Anarchy’. Maybe here lies the problem. It shouldn’t try too hard and let it have its own separate individuality.

Write in comments what you thought about the season finale of season 2 of ‘Mayans M.C’ and whether you believe the upcoming third season will clear some things up or the writers will keep up with this confusion, adding more complexities and twists!

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