Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads — Which Digital Marketing Strategy Best Suits Your Business Needs In 2021?

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For any business startup to reach its peak of success, there is a key aspect it needs to invest in apart from its product, team, and customer acquisition. Let’s look at it squarely — businesses can’t make money without customers. So, that’s where marketing and advertisement come into the equation.

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Afghan women’s rights activist shot dead

By Advice Column

Gunmen on motorbike shot dead a women’s rights activist and her brother north of Afghanistan’s capital Thursday, officials said, as a wave of assassinations ravages the violence-wracked country.

Freshta Kohistani, aged 29, was the second activist to be killed in two days after a prominent pro-democracy advocate was gunned down in Kabul on Wednesday.

Their murders follow a similar pattern seen in recent weeks, in which prominent Afghans have died in targeted killings in broad daylight, several of them in the capital.

“Unknown gunmen on a motorbike assassinated Freshta Kohistani in Kohistan district of Kapisa province,” interior ministry spokesman Tariq Arian told reporters.

Kapisa provincial governor Abdul Latif Murad told AFP that the shooting had taken place near Kohistani’s home and that her brother was also killed in the attack.

No group has claimed the attack so far.

Kohistani, who had campaigned for veteran leader Abdullah Abdullah during last year’s presidential election, had enjoyed a relatively large following on social media, and regularly organized civil society events in Kabul calling for women’s rights.

Abdullah said Kohistani was killed in a “terrorist attack”.

In a Facebook post, he described Kohistani as “brave and fearless” activist who was at the forefront of civil and social life in Afghanistan.

“The continuation of such assassinations is unacceptable,” said Abdullah, who leads the country’s overall peace process.

Days before her death, Kohistani, who is survived by her husband and one child, wrote on Facebook that she had asked for protection from the authorities after receiving threats.

She had also condemned the ongoing wave of assassinations of journalists and other prominent figures.

“Afghanistan is not a place to live in. There is no hope for peace. Tell the tailor to take your measurement (for a funeral shroud), tomorrow it could be your turn,” she tweeted in November.

The wave of assassinations have triggered fear across the country, especially in Kabul.

“The security situation is deteriorating day by day,” said Ahmad Jawed, a government employee in Kabul.

“When we leave our homes in the morning, we are not sure we will return home alive by evening.”

Journalists, politicians and rights activists have increasingly been targeted as violence surges in Afghanistan, despite peace talks between the government and the Taliban.

On Wednesday, Mohammad Yousuf Rasheed, who led an independent election monitoring organisation, was ambushed and shot in morning rush-hour traffic in Kabul along with his driver.

His murder came a day after five people — including two doctors working for a prison on the outskirts of Kabul — were killed by a car bomb.

A prominent Afghan journalist was also shot this week while on his way to a mosque in the eastern city of Ghazni.

Rahmatullah Nekzad was the fourth journalist to be killed in Afghanistan in the last two months, and the seventh media worker this year, according to the Kabul-based Afghan Journalists Safety Committee.

© 2020 AFP

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Fukushima nuclear debris removal delayed by virus

By Advice Column

The removal of nuclear debris from Japan’s crippled Fukushima power plant will be delayed by about a year, because the pandemic has set back development of specialised equipment, the plant’s operator said Thursday.

The Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) had been scheduled to start removing melted fuel from deep inside one of the mangled reactors next year, a decade after the nation’s worst ever nuclear crisis was triggered by a tsunami.

The process is considered the most difficult of the massive decommissioning programme, which is expected to take three to four decades to complete.

TEPCO had planned to develop a robot arm in Britain that would have arrived in Japan next year to start work — but chief decommissioning officer Akira Ono told a news conference that a recent spike in Covid-19 infections in the UK had delayed this.

“It will now be difficult to transfer the system in January as scheduled,” Ono said, adding he hoped the delay would be limited to a year.

The removal process is expected to take several years for the number two unit, which is estimated to contain some 237 tonnes of debris, Kyodo News said.

Altogether, three melted-down units are estimated to house around 880 tonnes of debris.

Ono said the delay was “regrettable” but insisted that it was unlikely to affect the entire plan to decommission the plant between 2041 and 2051.

The company also faces other difficult challenges, including working out how to dispose of large quantities of contaminated water stored in containers at the plant site.

In the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986, reactors one, two and three at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant melted down after a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in 2011.

The tsunami killed around 18,000 people and wreaked widespread devastation, and the nuclear meltdown forced the evacuation of areas near the plant.

An evacuation order has been partially lifted but regions affected by the disaster have struggled to attract residents back, with many still concerned about radiation despite government assurances.

© 2020 AFP

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‘Unhinged, lame-duck president wants to start a war’: Warnings as Trump blames Iran for rocket attack

By Advice Column

Anti-war campaigners are warning that U.S. President Donald Trump is on the verge of launching a full-blown military conflict with Iran after the lame-duck incumbent on Wednesday blamed the Middle East nation for a rocket attack on the American Embassy in Baghdad over the weekend, an accusation Tehran rejected as “fabricated.”

“Our embassy in Baghdad got hit Sunday by several rockets. Three rockets failed to launch,” Trump tweeted late Wednesday afternoon, attaching a photo purporting to show the three rockets. “Guess where they were from: IRAN. Now we hear chatter of additional attacks against Americans in Iraq.”

“Some friendly health advice to Iran: If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible,” the outgoing U.S. president added. “Think it over.”

“There are forces in Washington and across Middle East who’ve been pushing for a military conflict between the U.S. Iran which can easily escalate into a disaster for the entire region.”
—Negar Mortazavi, The Independent

Saeed Khatibzadeh, a spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, denied that Iran was behind the rocket attack—which damaged the embassy compound and injured one Iraqi—and warned Trump against engaging in any “dangerous adventurism” during his remaining time in power.

“Such repetitive, baseless, and fabricated allegations in the form of conventional White House blame games are meant to cast a shadow on Trump’s difficult situation,” Khatibzadeh said Thursday, according to Iranian state media. “As we have repeatedly said, attacks on diplomatic and residential buildings are rejected, and in this particular case, the finger of blame is being pointed at the United States itself and its partners and allies in the region, who are seeking to increase tensions.”

Iran’s top diplomat, Javad Zarif, tweeted in response to Trump that “putting your own citizens at risk abroad won’t divert attention from catastrophic failures at home,” referring to the U.S. president’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Foreign policy analysts have been cautioning for weeks that the Trump administration could attack Iran on its way out the door in a last-ditch effort to undermine any attempts by the incoming Biden administration to restore diplomatic relations and return to the U.S. to the nuclear deal, which Trump violated in 2018. Just last month, according to the New York Times, Trump asked his advisers for options to bomb Iran’s primary nuclear energy site.

Assal Rad, senior research fellow at the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), warned Wednesday that “a one-term, impeached, unhinged, lame-duck president wants to start a war.”

“Also remember as he’s threatening Iran (again) in a conflict of his own creation, an American dies every 25 seconds from Covid,” Rad wrote.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that “no Americans were hurt in the [rocket] attack, which damaged two buildings and a gym which troops and embassy personnel use for exercise.”

“All 21 rockets hit inside the heavily fortified Green Zone—where the embassy and a base hosting troops from the U.S.-led coalition are located—with about half of those rockets landing inside the American embassy compound,” the Journal reported, citing an unnamed official.

In a statement following the attack, the U.S. Central Command blamed the attack on an “Iranian-backed Rogue Militia Group” without providing any specific evidence.

On Wednesday, according to the Journal, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo—a longtime Iran hawk and opponent of the nuclear deal—met with Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and national security adviser Robert O’Brien to “discuss options to dissuade Iran and the Shiite militias it supports from attacking U.S. personnel in Iraq.”

Earlier this month, as Common Dreams reported, the U.S. flew two B-52 bombers over the Persian Gulf in a saber-rattling maneuver aimed at threatening Iran, which has been in the Trump administration’s crosshairs for years. Further heightening fears of war, Israel has reportedly deployed a submarine to the Persian Gulf in what the Washington Post described as “possible preparation for any Iranian retaliation over the November assassination of a senior Iranian nuclear scientist,” a killing widely believed to have been carried out by Israel.

“There are forces in Washington and across Middle East who’ve been pushing for a military conflict between the U.S. Iran which can easily escalate into a disaster for the entire region,” tweeted Negar Mortazavi, a columnist for The Independent. “Beware of the impeached, one-term president who couldn’t get a better deal with Iran he promised.”

Stephen Miles, executive director of Win Without War, noted that Trump “inherited a working diplomatic nuclear deal and thawing relations, blew that all up to try out ‘maximum pressure’ which predictably failed, and now here we are yet again.”

“Friendly reminder before Trump does whatever crazy thing he’s about to do to Iran,” said Miles, “this is all his fault.”

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World readies for lockdown Christmas

By Advice Column

Coronavirus misery hung over Christmas preparations worldwide on Thursday, with countless millions forced to cancel plans or limit festivities under fresh virus lockdowns.

After a grinding pandemic year that has seen more than 1.7 million people die from Covid-19, a slew of new outbreaks are a stark reminder that despite emergency vaccine roll-outs, life is unlikely to return to normal quickly.

In Australia — often a rare bright spot in keeping the virus in check — a growing cluster of cases in northern Sydney has confined residents to seaside suburbs and prompted a ban on all but the smallest Christmas family gatherings.

Jimmy Arslan, who owns two cafes at the epicentre of the city’s outbreak, said trade was down 75 percent and his Canberra-based family had been forced to cancel their Christmas visit.

“It’s heartbreaking. It’s a very, very sour ending for a sour year,” the 46-year-old told AFP.

“Let’s just say we all should welcome 2021 and kick 2020 in its arse.”

In Europe, much of the continent is enduring a dark winter of resurgent outbreaks.

Germany has been forced to cancel its famous Christmas markets and Pope Francis plans to bring the Vatican’s Christmas midnight mass forward by two hours to meet Italy’s curfew rules.

In Bethlehem — which Christians believe is the birthplace of Jesus Christ — mass will be held without worshippers and broadcast online.

Nicolas al-Zoghbi, who visited Bethlehem’s Chapel of Saint Catherine in the lead-up to Christmas, said the joyfulness of the season had been replaced by “depression”.

“We hope the Lord will destroy corona, just get rid of it so we can return to our previous life,” he said.

Holiday isolation

But for many, the isolation that has defined the past year will continue into Christmas Day and beyond — such as in Belgium, where residents are largely limited to welcoming a single visitor.

In the Catholic-majority Philippines some are choosing to spend the holidays alone because of the risk of catching the virus on public transport, as well as quarantine rules making travelling time-consuming and expensive.

“I am ordering food in, re-watching old movies, and catching up with my family by video,” said Kim Patria, 31, who lives alone in Manila.

Britons, meanwhile, were cut off from swathes of the world on their Sceptred Isle, due to the emergence of a new Covid-19 strain.

Some UK border restrictions have been temporarily relaxed for the holidays, but thousands from other European countries are still stranded in England.

“Home for Christmas? Forget it,” said Laurent Beghin, a French truck driver who delivered his cargo but was still stuck days later.

In the United States, more than one million people have now been vaccinated, but the country’s coronavirus response remained chaotic as Donald Trump helicoptered off the White House lawn for one of the last times in his presidency.

The Republican and his wife Melania were bound for a vacation at his glitzy Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida after his shock rejection of a massive coronavirus relief package passed by Congress.

New Year’s celebrations are looking downbeat globally, with lockdowns looming for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Austria through the post-Christmas period, while Portugal has imposed a New Year’s Eve curfew.

For now, Sydney still plans to ring in 2021 with its famous Harbour Bridge fireworks display, with New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian pledging the seven-minute spectacle will go ahead “no matter what”.

But as with most of 2020, people are being encouraged to watch on television from their sofas.

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Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy Opens For Training

By Latest News

MUMBAI, India, Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To be in the national cricket team is a dream that scores of young athletes across the country harbor and the inspiring tale of Sachin Tendulkar’s rise to one of India’s most iconic cricketers are well known and revered. In January early this year, the Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy…

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Manoj Bajpai, Shiamak Davar, Mary Kom and Ashish Hemrajani, Celebrated at the Teacher’s Golden Achievers 2020 Edition

By Latest News

Business Wire India The Teacher’s Golden Thistle Achievers 2020 Edition celebrated the achievements of Manoj Bajpai, Shiamak Davar, Mary Kom and Ashish Hemrajani. The ‘Thistle’ has always been a symbol of recognition of the highest order of human endeavour. Some of the greatest triumphs in life have a defining philosophy behind them. This year taught…

The post Manoj Bajpai, Shiamak Davar, Mary Kom and Ashish Hemrajani, Celebrated at the Teacher’s Golden Achievers 2020 Edition appeared first on DKODING.

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Sahyadri Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital Launches a Dedicated State-of-the-art Paediatric Cardiac Care Department

By Latest News

SHIVMOGGA, India, Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sahyadri Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital, Shivmogga, has announced the launch of an exclusive the state-of-the-art department for paediatric cardiac care. The department will be headed by Dr. Ravivarma Patil, Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Sahyadri Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital. Announcing the launch of the new department, Mr. Pavankumar…

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Oberoi Realty and Tata projects sign up with Captech Technologies to use its eFORCE labour marketplace

By Latest News

MUMBAI, India, Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Captech Technologies, India’s largest and only labour marketplace has bagged projects from Realty majors Oberoi Realty and Tata Projects. The developers via the eFORCE marketplace platform will be able to access thousands of labour contractors/ specialized vendors to grow the supply chain and will also be able to…

The post Oberoi Realty and Tata projects sign up with Captech Technologies to use its eFORCE labour marketplace appeared first on DKODING.

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NEW: Four psychopathic personality traits linked to right-wing authoritarianism and racial prejudice

By Advice Column

A new study published in the latest edition of “Personality and Individual Differences highlights the relationship between psychopathic tendencies, pathological personality traits and prejudicial views. Research suggests people with “calloused, deceitful, and manipulative interpersonal styles” are more prone to align with the beliefs of right-wing authoritarianism, according to PsyPost.

Sandeep Roy, a doctoral candidate with a major-applied focus on clinical psychology at the University of North Texas, explained the correlation between the two.

“My interest in the relationship between pathological personality traits, such as those captured by psychopathy, and prejudicial tendencies originated from my experiences working with offenders in the Arizona correctional system prior to graduate school,” said Roy.

He added, “I noticed offenders who were elevated in psychopathic propensities, as measured by the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R; Hare, 2003), frequently used racial epithets to denigrate me and other staff. When I began studying this personality disorder more in my graduate training, I noticed a paucity of literature relating psychopathy to prejudice.”

Roy went on to explain what inspired his research as he noted his concern about the uptick in “hate-based violence” in recent years. The study focused on the Self-Report Psychopathy Scale-Short Form (SRP-SF) which broke psychopathy into four distinct categories: “a manipulative and deceptive interpersonal style, callousness and lack of empathy, impulsivity, and overt antisocial tendencies.”

“Given the increase in hate-based violence in the last few years, I wanted to explore if certain personality traits traditionally studied in the realm of clinical psychology may be predictive of prejudice and provide empirical research on this understudied topic,” he explained. “Psychopathy is particularly relevant to prejudice given that facets of the disorder, such as callousness or lack of empathy, are predictive of prejudicial tendencies.”

The latest research findings are said to align with previous studies conducted in Austria which highlighted how some people with seemingly “dark” personality traits had an increased likelihood to support right-wing political views and beliefs.

Roy’s research also noted a direct correlation between psychopathic tendencies judgmental views. During an interview with with the publication, Roy further explained his findings.

Roy said, “The findings of the study suggest that psychopathic traits, particularly the calloused and deceptive traits, are robustly associated with the tendency to prefer a society that keeps marginalized groups low in status and power and are also predictive of the propensity to use aggression towards violators of traditional social norms, both of which are salient predictors of a variety of prejudicial attitudes.”

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