With Tears, Keeping Up With The Kardashians Has Officially Wrapped Up Its Final Season

By Latest News

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has just revealed that they have finished shooting for ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, “forever”! E!’s ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ has set a gold standard for reality television, becoming one of the most popular reality shows of all time on television. Created by everyone’s favourite television host Ryan Seacrest, the show…

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Fringe Season 6: Will The Show Be Back And What To Expect From The New Season?

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Will the numerous petitions help revive popular science fiction series, ‘Fringe’ for season 6? The fiction television series, ‘Fringe‘, mainly revolved around Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), and Walter Bishop (John Noble). It began with Dunham’s FBI job landing her with a case that science could not explain. She then sought the…

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Centrist German state premier elected to lead Merkel’s conservatives

By Advice Column

Armin Laschet, the centrist premier of Germany’s most populous state, took the first step on Saturday towards succeeding Angela Merkel as the next chancellor of Europe’s biggest economy. The centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) selected 59-year-old Laschet to head the party as Germany gears up for national elections in September. Whoever is leader of the CDU is traditionally the party’s candidate for chancellor. Laschet fended off a strong challenge from wealthy corporate lawyer Friedrich Merz in a run-off vote at the CDU’s first-ever digital party convention, which was framed by the coronav…

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Five Hong Kong democracy protesters seek asylum in the US

By Advice Column

Hong Kong (AFP) – Five Hong Kong democracy protesters who reportedly fled to Taiwan have arrived in the United States intending to seek asylum, an activist group said on Saturday. Their escape follows the mass arrest of democracy figures in Hong Kong under a new national security law that is part of a mounting crackdown by China on the financial hub. The Hong Kong Democracy Council (HKDC), a US-based group, said it had welcomed a group of young activists to America this week and their journey had been “arduous and perilous”. “The activists, all under the age of 30, took part in the ongoing pro…

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America’s Slide Into Economic Oblivion Is Already Starting To Accelerate Here In 2021

By Latest News

Isn’t it fun to live in a rotting, decaying society that is coming apart at the seams all around us?  The latest economic numbers are extremely depressing, but now that free speech is being abolished and the elite are consolidating control over every aspect of our society, we are being assured that better days are right […]

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Big Tech’s Purge is Only Beginning… For Them

By Latest News

There’s nothing easy about living through a political coup. The Big Tech firms long in cahoots with our government have been pushing a false narrative of evil MAGA-Nazis trying to undermine polite society for more than four years now. Suppression started with Milo Yiannopoulos, accelerated to include Alex Jones and InfoWars and reach a temporary […]

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Biden Pledges to “Beat the NRA…” But He Can Not Beat the Citizen Gun Lobby ~ VIDEO

By Latest News

.@GabbyGiffords — Your perseverance and immeasurable courage continue to inspire me and millions of others. I pledge to continue to work with you — and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country — to defeat the NRA and end our epidemic of gun violence. https://t.co/zN5J5YjXUM — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) January 8, 2021 Joe Biden, […]

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Is the Establishment Planning a False Flag “Insurrection” for Inauguration Day?

By Latest News

The question in the title is legitimate in light of the extraordinary and unusal letter signed by all members of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff condemning Trump supporters for insurrection and calling on the US military to remain ready for another attempt at sedition on inauguration day. In the Joint Chiefs’ own words: “The […]

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Welcome to the Gulag of 2021 (The Aftermath of the January 6th Stop the Steal Rally)

By Latest News

There has been abundant and over-the-top discussion about the events of this past week and the so-called “insurrection” of Trump supporters—the Deplorables—at the United States Capitol on January 6. Since that day the major news media—the media establishment, including notoriously  Fox News—have kept up a constant and ranting drumbeat, with dire images of “sedition” and […]

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Armed Defense After Dark – More Self Defense Gun Stories

By Latest News

You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. First story- Are you armed in the middle of the night? You hear someone knocking at your door. It is one in the morning and the voices say they are […]

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Here’s When Better Call Saul Starts Shooting For The Final Season

By Latest News

A prequel and spin-off to Vince Gilligan’s American drama series ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Better Call Saul’ has been renewed for one last season. Here’s when the shooting for this last season will begin. The show revolves around the events in Saul Goodman’s (the crooked lawyer from ‘Breaking Bad’) life before he gets involved in Walter White’s…

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To jail or not to jail: Kremlin in bind over Alexei Navalny return

By Advice Column

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s defiant pledge to return to Moscow from Germany after surviving a poisoning attack puts the Kremlin in a major bind.

President Vladimir Putin, observers say, is caught between a rock and a hard place: allow his most outspoken critic to freely return to Russia and risk looking weak, or hand Navalny a lengthy prison term and potentially turn him into a global cause celebre.

“There is not a good decision here but some sort of decision will have to be made,” political analyst Tatyana Stanovaya told AFP.

The 44-year-old’s announcement that he was returning to Moscow on Sunday aboard Pobeda — Aeroflot’s low-cost subsidiary whose name means “Victory” in Russian — drew gasps from admirers and critics alike.

Analysts say Navalny’s return is a direct challenge to the 68-year-old Putin, who has seen his popularity fall in recent years, and could become a major political factor ahead of parliamentary polls later this year.

Western governments say Navalny, who collapsed on a flight in Siberia in August and was eventually taken to Berlin for treatment, was poisoned with the Soviet-era Novichok nerve agent.

Navalny says he was targeted by the domestic intelligence agency on Putin’s orders. Russian authorities have repeatedly denied any involvement and refused to investigate the poisoning case.

– ‘The guys are panicking’ –

Instead, investigators in December launched a new criminal probe against Navalny for allegedly misappropriating more than $4 million of donations to his organisations.

The prison service said Thursday it would also be “obliged” to detain him upon his return for violating the terms of his probation after a 2014 embezzlement conviction.

“They really did not want him to return,” said political observer Anton Orekh, referring to the Kremlin. “Now the guys are panicking.”

Navalny, who has been the target of several criminal probes, has served a number of brief jail stints but never a long prison term.

He was handed a five-year prison term for embezzlement in 2013 but it was changed to a suspended sentence after thousands protested in Moscow.

Stanovaya said Navalny could still avoid long-term incarceration if authorities find a way to limit his political activities, perhaps by declaring him a “foreign agent” under legislation restricting individuals or organisations who receive funds from abroad.

But the Kremlin may have a low appetite for risk, with Russia set to hold parliamentary elections in September and the coronavirus pandemic exacerbating economic woes.

“I have a feeling the Kremlin has grown tired of these games,” said the head of the R.Politik analysis firm. “The confrontation with Navalny has been going on for too long.”

Navalny has never held elected office — he was barred from standing against Putin in the 2018 presidential vote — and his allies are frequently prevented from running in other elections.

Videos of his anti-corruption investigations, often revealing the lavish lifestyles of Russia’s elite, are hugely popular and draw millions of views.

– Return is ‘powerful gesture’ –

But it is unclear how much support he enjoys among ordinary Russians, especially after years of negative coverage — or no mention at all — of his activities on state-controlled media.

In a national poll by the Levada Centre in September, only 20 percent of respondents said they approved of Navalny’s actions, while 50 percent disapproved and the rest either had not heard of him or could not say.

The poisoning ordeal has drawn global attention to Navalny and raised his international profile, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel visiting him while he was undergoing treatment in a Berlin hospital.

Navalny and his team seem to be hoping it can also save him from arrest or a long prison term. They are urging Russians to head to Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport on Sunday evening in a show of support.

A Facebook event for Sunday shows more than 1,900 people planning to go.

“This is a return of Russian politics from limbo, from non-existence,” he wrote on Facebook, saying this was the moment for Navalny to show if he could be a historic reformer like legendary anti-Communist dissident and later Czech president Vaclav Havel.

“The countdown has begun.”

© 2021 AFP

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Scottish court upholds Lockerbie bomber’s conviction

By Advice Column

Five judges at Scotland’s highest court of criminal appeal on Friday upheld the conviction of the only man found guilty of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing after a posthumous legal challenge.

The family of former Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi, which brought the case, said they were “heartbroken” at the decision, their lawyer Aamer Anwar said.

They will apply to appeal to the UK Supreme Court within 14 days, he added.

The ruling at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh comes just over 32 years after what remains Britain’s worst terrorist attack, with long-held doubts about Megrahi’s involvement.

Megrahi spent seven years in a Scottish prison after his conviction in 2001 for the mass murder of 270 people, when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up over the Scottish town on December 21, 1988.

The Libyan regime of Moamer Kadhafi officially acknowledged responsibility in 2003, and paid $2.7 billion in compensation to families of the victims.

Megrahi was released and returned to Libya in 2009 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He died in 2012, protesting his innocence.

An initial appeal against his conviction and sentence was rejected, while a second was abandoned after his diagnosis.

‘Suffered enough’

Anwar said Megrahi’s son Ali and the family would still fight to quash the conviction.

“All the Megrahi family want for Scotland is peace and justice, but as Ali stated today their journey is not over, Libya has suffered enough, as has family for the crime of Lockerbie, they remain determined to fight for justice,” he said.

The family wants the British authorities to declassify documents that are said to allege that Iran used a Syria-based Palestinian proxy to build the bomb that downed the Boeing 747.

The documents are thought to allege a Jordanian intelligence agent within the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) built the bomb.

The PFLP-GC has been designated a terrorist group by several countries, including Britain and the United States.

The Lockerbie bombing is alleged to have been carried out in retaliation for the downing of an Iranian passenger jet by a US Navy missile in July 1988 that killed 290 people.

Identification evidence

The case came back to court in November last year after an independent criminal case review body said a possible miscarriage of justice may have occurred on the grounds of “unreasonable verdict” and non-disclosure of evidence.

But the judges rejected both grounds of appeal.

“The appeal against conviction is refused,” they said in a 64-page ruling.

Central to his family’s case was the testimony of Tony Gauci, a Maltese shopkeeper, who identified Megrahi as the man who bought clothes found in the suitcase that contained the bomb.

Lawyers argued his eye-witness evidence should have been discounted and was “highly prejudicial” because he had earlier seen a photograph of Megrahi as a suspect in a newspaper.

They said Gauci was motivated by reward money, that there was no proof Megrahi bought th clothing, and that dates of his supposed visit to Malta did not fit the timeline.

The suitcase was loaded onto a plane from Malta to Germany, then transferred to the ill-fated flight that left London Heathrow bound for New York.

The government’s case was that Megrahi used a false passport to travel to the Mediterranean island, and that Gauci did not receive any remuneration.

Crown lawyers said the three judges who tried and convicted Megrahi were entitled to infer he was involved, and the fake document was part of a “significant chapter of evidence” supporting that.

New suspect

On the 32nd anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing in December, the US Justice Department announced a new indictment against another former member of Kadhafi’s intelligence services.

It alleges that Abu Agila Mohammad Masud assembled and programmed the bomb.

The investigation was relaunched in 2016 when Washington learned of his arrest after Kadhafi’s ouster and death in 2011, and his reported confession of involvement to the new Libyan regime in 2012.

Investigators also relied on his travel records, including a flight from the Libyan capital Tripoli to Malta.

Masud is currently being held in Libya for his alleged involvement in a 1986 attack on a Berlin nightclub that killed two US soldiers and a Turkish citizen.

Tripoli in 2004 also agreed to compensate the families of the victims of that attack.

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The Mentalist Season 8: Is The Show Likely To Return In 2021?

By Latest News

New year paves the way for new beginnings. Will it be a fresh start for one of CBS’s most loved procedural drama of all times? Will this year see the renewal of ‘The Mentalist’? Let’s find out. Created by Bruno Heller, ‘The Mentalist’ premiered on CBS on 23 September 2008 with a whopping 15.6 million…

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