2nd Amendment Skeptic Garland Moves Closer to Confirmation as US Attorney General

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This week, hearings were held on the nomination of Merrick Garland for U.S. attorney general, with a final vote on confirmation expected to come next week. The prospect for gun owners is that the nation’s highest law enforcement office may soon be occupied by a man who in the past has shown doubts about whether […]

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We Are Witnessing A Last Minute Mass Exodus Before The Final Collapse Of Our Major Cities

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Americans fled the big cities “in droves” in 2020, and one recent survey discovered that even more Americans are planning to move in 2021.  The corporate media is attempting to frame this mass exodus as a temporary phenomenon, but there is nothing temporary about it.  Millions upon millions of people can see that our society […]

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Peak Mental Illness: Parents Locking Kids in Quarantine Because Schools Told Them To Do It for Virus Protection!

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We have now officially gone far beyond the point of peak mental illness, and have reached levels of absurdity and abuse that surprises us even after years of writing about these topics. With public schools opening under limited-hybrid “in-person” learning – holy sh*t that is a mouthful – public school districts and so-called health professionals […]

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Evil Now Rules Over Good

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Big Tech consists of Gestapo organizations that suppress the First Amendment; yet “democratic Americans” continue to support these fascist organizations.  If Americans cared about democracy, they would boycott Big Tech and drive the Gestapo organizations into bankruptcy. Instead, Americans have permitted Gestapo institutions to be institutionalized in American social, political, and economic life.  Today in “free America” […]

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The Global Inflation Nightmare That You Have Been Warned About Is Here

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If you thought that authorities all over the planet could print, borrow and spend money like there was no tomorrow without any consequences, you were being delusional.  Since the beginning of the “COVID pandemic”, we have witnessed the greatest monetary binge in world history.  Of course that was going to cause enormous problems.  Of course […]

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Qatar Gears Up to Host Two MotoGP Races With Dazzling Display

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DOHA, Qatar, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With just over one month until Qatar kicks-off the 2021 FIM MotoGP™ World Championship season, a daring rider performed for the cameras outside the country’s iconic Museum of Islamic Art to mark the occasion. The Qatari rider, Mashel Al-Naimi, and Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) put on the display…

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Henry Cavill Isn’t The Only Superman (In Black) DC Has To Offer

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JJ Abrams is rebooting Superman for Warner bros while we are to see Superman in Black Suit in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the new Superman is going to be the first person of colour. Diversity is the ‘word’ in Hollywood currently, in 2019 Captain America (Chris Evans) passed on his mantel and shield to Sam…

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ViewSonic’s New ViewBoard Cast Button Enables Real-Time Wireless Content Sharing with Just One-Click

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Creating a Highly Effective Meeting Space Without the Setup or Connection Hassles BREA, Calif., March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, introduces the ViewBoard Cast Button, a brand new accessory of ViewSonic’s wireless presentation display (WPD) solution, to offer a more intuitive way to share content immediately with just “one-click”. It eliminates…

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SOCIALHOSE.IO Announces Enterprise Social Listening Tools

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Scalable and flexible pricing to democratize media monitoring DALLAS, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing has really changed – but everything did. People still work hard, read emails, go to “meetings,” shop, and the list goes on. The pandemic has only pushed the “fast forward” button of the online world, the…

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Dr Bu Abdullah: The Emirati Tycoon Taking on the Indian Fashion Industry and Economy by Storm

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Business Wire India One of the biggest and most prominent names in the Emirati business scene is Dr Bu Abdullah. At par with his excellence in both business management and law, he is presently the humble owner of over 270 companies from Asia and other parts of the world. His companies have dwelled in various sectors…

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Facebook’s disturbing news blockade shows how tech giants are swallowing the web

By Advice Column

When Facebook disabled Australians’ access to news articles on its platform, and blocked sharing of articles from Australian news organizations, the company moved a step closer to killing the World Wide Web – the hyperlink-based system of freely connecting online sites created in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Though the social media giant has said it will return to the negotiating table and restore news for now, the company has shown its hand – and how it is continuing to reshape the web.

As a social media scholar, I see clearly that the internet in 2021 is not the same open public sphere that Berners-Lee envisioned. Rather, it is a constellation of powerful corporate platforms that have come to dominate how people use the internet, what information they get and who is able to profit from it.

Paying for news

The Australian government’s legislative efforts aim to support the news industry by helping to broker a deal whereby Facebook would pay Australian news organizations for content posted on its platform by users. Right now, Facebook isn’t required to pay for news in any way, and the company objected to this new potential cost of business.

Berners-Lee warned the Australian government the proposed law could undermine free linking, which he called a “fundamental principle of the web.” Facebook’s own statement of self-defense focused on Berners-Lee’s argument, saying Facebook provides value to news organizations by linking to them. But their statements show that neither has acknowledged that Facebook has, for many people, effectively become the web.

Back in the 1980s, Berners-Lee envisioned the web as a network of community-minded academic researchers sharing their knowledge quickly and conveniently across the world. The main mechanism for this was the hyperlink – text that, when clicked on, led readers to something they were interested in, or to supporting material on the actual source’s website. This meant information was freely exchanged, with attribution. The priority was helping users find the material they wanted, wherever it was online.

Berners-Lee’s design serves the reader, but not everyone was as public-spirited: Companies like Facebook have been moving away from this principle since the web’s founding. These corporate platforms are designed to capture and dominate users’ attention – and turn it into money.

Keeping users on the site

When a user posts a link on Facebook, it’s not just a hyperlink as Berners-Lee envisioned. It’s much more advanced, displaying information from the linked page, including, for news stories, a headline, a main image and sometimes a summary of the news users might see if they clicked the link. In this way, users can get a lot of the information without ever leaving Facebook, hurting news organizations’ revenues.

On Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, users’ options are even more restricted. People can post photos and text, but cannot directly share links to other websites. The only active links in a post are internal, for tagging others on Instagram and hashtags.

In my view, both cases show that Facebook doesn’t really want an interconnected web: It wants to keep its users on its own platforms. Facebook displays valuable information, but if people don’t click through, or there is nothing to effectively click on, then those who actually created the content will continue to have a hard time making money off their work.

Possible ways forward

The situation in Australia is a significant opportunity to examine how much power Facebook has over the ways people can seek information online.

News media may decide to bid farewell to Facebook, which provides about one-fifth of traffic to media sites in Australia, and not necessarily much revenue in other parts of the world. They might seek other options for digital distribution of their content. But in the near term they may need financial help from somewhere if they have become too dependent on Facebook.

Or news organizations could negotiate with Facebook directly in deals and avoid restrictive laws, as the proposed legislation is not even final yet.

News publishers could also ask regulators to help them gain more control over how news content is presented on platforms to increase link referral traffic, which is key to generating revenue. A return to simpler hyperlinks – and adding them to Instagram – could help more users click through on news stories while preserving the principles of the web. Just because advanced technology exists doesn’t mean it’s helpful in all situations or good. But then again, a basic old-timey solution may not work for those trapped in the “attention economy.

Editor’s note: The Conversation U.S. is an independent media nonprofit, one of eight news organizations around the world that share a common mission, brand and publishing platform. The Conversation Australia has publicly lobbied in support of the Australian government’s proposal.The Conversation

By Jennifer Grygiel, Assistant Professor of Communications (Social Media) & Magazine, News and Digital Journalism, Syracuse University

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Biden administration slaps new sanctions on Russia for poisoning of Alexei Navalny

By Advice Column

The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that it will be slapping Russia with a fresh round of economic sanctions over its poisoning and imprisoning of dissident leader Alexei Navalny.

According to the Washington Post, “the sanctions block access to financial or other assets in the United States for top figures around Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

The Biden administration has signaled that it will be taking a tougher stance against Russia after multiple previous administrations, including the Obama administration and the Trump administration, tried to build a friendlier relationship with the Kremlin.

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Activists acquitted in Polish rainbow Virgin Mary case

By Advice Column

A Polish court on Tuesday acquitted three gay rights activists who were accused of offending religious sentiment after they put up posters of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo.

The defendants — Joanna Gzyra-Iskandar, Anna Prus and Elzbieta Podlesna — were found not guilty because they lacked the required intent to offend, according to the regional court in the central city of Plock.

“The goal of the activists… was to show support to LGBT individuals, to fight for their equal rights,” Judge Agnieszka Warchol said.

She added that the court had received many letters from practicing Catholics, and even clergy, that said the rainbow halo images did not mock the religious icon.

The women had faced up to two years in prison under article 196 of Poland’s criminal code, which prohibits offending religious sentiment.

Poland’s influential Catholic church and the governing nationalists oppose gay rights, which the rainbow flag symbolises.

One of the defendants, Podlesna, described the church as “a formidable force in Poland” and told AFP she was crossing her fingers that the institution would change.

“Everything now depends on what form that force will take: will it encourage diversity, solidarity and empathy?” she said.

“Or will it be destructive, politicised and centred around money, as is the case now?” she added.

A group of LGBT activists gathered outside the courthouse holding a banner that said “The Rainbow Doesn’t Offend”, a slogan that was also circulated on social media by supporters and opposition politicians.

The prosecution said it planned to appeal the verdict.

The case dates back to April 2019, when the posters and stickers at issue appeared on rubbish bins and portable toilets near a church in Plock.

They showed a likeness of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, a revered icon of the Virgin Mary located in the devout Catholic country’s Jasna Gora monastery.

Earlier that week, the leader of the governing PiS party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, had denounced LGBT rights as a “threat” and called on Poles to respect the Catholic Church regardless of personal beliefs.

Describing the defendants as “brave”, Amnesty Poland took to Twitter on Tuesday to “call on authorities to refrain from targeting and harassing any other peaceful activists”.

The NGO Love Does Not Exclude, which fights for LGBT rights in Poland, hailed the acquittal as a “breakthrough”.

“It’s a big win on the part of the LGBT+ resistance movement and the leftists fighting for equal rights in Poland, the most homophobic country in the European Union,” the NGO said on Instagram.

© 2021 AFP

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Racing hit by fresh apology over video of jockey riding dead horse

By Advice Column

Racing’s reputation suffered another blow on Tuesday as jockey Rob James apologised for a video circulating of him jumping on to a dead horse and pretending to ride it.

James’s apology comes hot on the heels of three-time Grand National winning trainer and fellow Irishman Gordon Elliott also apologising for sitting on a dead horse whilst on the phone.

Elliott faces a hearing thought likely to be held on Thursday or Friday this week into the image of him.

He has been barred from having runners in England till the result of the investigation by The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) is announced.

It places Elliott’s owners principally Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary in a quandary with jumps racing’s showpiece event the Cheltenham Festival due to begin in a fortnight.

They are allowed to switch trainers if they want their horses to run in England — O’Leary has so far stood by 43-year-old Elliott.

Elliott has trained 32 winners at the Festival and brought O’Leary’s Gigginstown Stud huge success.

He trained Don Cossack to land the blue riband event the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2016 and Tiger Roll to successive Grand National victories in 2018/19 at Aintree.

James enjoyed his biggest moment as a jockey so far for Elliott in riding a winner at the Festival last year.

The video shows James jumping onto the unnamed horse — who had collapsed and died of cardiac arrest on the gallops in 2016 — pretending to ride it whilst those around him laugh.

“I have become aware of a video circulating of me on social media,” James told racing newspaper The Irish Field.

“I would just like to apologise for my actions which were wholly inappropriate and disrespectful to a lovely five-year-old mare, who unfortunately suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while at exercise earlier that morning, April 30th, 2016.

“I sincerely apologise to the owners of the mare, the staff who cared for her, the horseracing industry and all followers of horse racing for my actions.”

The 28-year-old jockey — who rode the O’Leary-owned Milan Native to win the Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir Amateur Riders’ Handicap Chase at Cheltenham last year — said he was heartbroken.

“To try defending my stupidity at the time would add further insult and hurt to the many loyal people that have supported me during my career,” he said.

“I have caused embarrassment to my employers, my family and most importantly the sport I love.

“I am heartbroken by the damage I have caused and will do my best to try and make amends to those hurt by my conduct.”

The IHRB said it was investigating the video.

“We are aware of further social media content circulating and the matter is under investigation,” it tweeted.

© 2021 AFP

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Exclusive: Spy Chief Gets Welcome Endorsement

By Latest News

In a letter obtained by The Cipher Brief this week, former CIA Directors and Acting Directors, including former Director Gina Haspel, endorsed CIA Director Bill Burns in his new role as DCIA. The letter (below) was originally submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which oversaw Burns’ confirmation hearing last week, in a glowing show of endorsement. …

The post Exclusive: Spy Chief Gets Welcome Endorsement appeared first on The Cipher Brief.

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How To Connect With Potential Employers During Your Job Search

By Advice Column

It’s hard to be passionate about a job when you have no connection to the company. How do you show enthusiasm in your cover letter and job interview if you don’t absolutely love what you’d be doing, or where you’d be doing it?

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for a company during the application and hiring process.

Here’s how you can make meaningful connections with potential employers during your job search.

1. Find Information About The Company

If you’re not totally excited about the company you’re hoping to get hired at, then it’s possible you just don’t know enough about them (or maybe they don’t belong on your interview bucket list). Before writing a cover letter, and especially before going in for an interview, you should always check out the company’s website.

Also, go to Glassdoor.com to see what past and current employees have to say about the company, and take a peek at their social media accounts. By doing this, you’ll get a better sense of their company culture and how they get involved in their community.

2. Reach Out To Current Employees

Man reaches out to connect with employees of the companies he wants to get hired at

Reaching out to the current employees of a company is the most direct way to form a connection with a potential employer. This is where LinkedIn comes in handy.

You should start a chat with current employees on LinkedIn, that way you’re getting an inside scoop of what it’s like to work at the company. And once you’ve connected with a person at the company on LinkedIn, you’ll feel a connection to the company itself by default.

3. Research The Company’s Values & Beliefs

Woman connects with a company while researching for her job search

A company’s core values and beliefs can greatly impact how passionate their employees are about their work. That’s why it’s important for you to know whether your personal values and beliefs align with the companies you’re hoping to get hired at.

In other words, would you be a good cultural fit?

This question is as important to you as it is for the potential employer.

While researching the company before you write your cover letter or go in for an interview, you should try to find information on their values and beliefs as an organization. Maybe once a month the company volunteers in the community. Maybe a percentage of their profits go to causes you support. Maybe they’re dedicated to environmental sustainability in all areas of their business. Whatever the company’s specific values and beliefs are, they’re perfect opportunities for you to connect with them.

4. Create A Connection Story

Man writes a connection story in his job search

After you do all of the above, you should have an excellent idea of what the company does, who they are, and what they stand for. Now, it’s time for you to create a connection story to tell in your cover letter and in your interview.

Start by answering this question: Did something happen to you that made you respect, appreciate, or admire what the company does?

You could be a loyal customer to this company, or a good friend of an employee. But if you didn’t already have that connection to the company, or that passion for what they do, you have it now from your research and your conversations with current employees.

In your cover letter and in your job interview, talk about how you were, or are, affected by the products and services the company provides.

To create a connection story that will stand out to employers, you need to connect your personal story to the company’s mission. If you do this, you’ll write a disruptive cover letter and be memorable in your interview.

Download Work It Dailyu2019s free job search checklist

We hope these tips will help you connect with any potential employer you come across during your job search. You’ll probably become passionate about a company or employment opportunity you never considered before…it may just take a little research first.

Need more job search help? We’re here for you!

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This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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