PHP Agent

Hello everyone, my name is Tristan Aldous and I own a financial services firm in Sierra Vista. We sell life Insurance and help people invest their money into annuities. We work with 32 different carries including NLG, AIG, and Foresters so we can beat most rates 30 to 60 percent. I’m not only looking to help the community acquire life Insurance and help the community invest money but I’m also looking for business partners. You don’t have to have any experience because we can train you and get you licensed and rolling. I’m looking forward to helping everyone in southern Arizona and making a difference in our communities. Also, Oscar De La Hoya just inverted 2.2 million dollars into out company.

Sales and Marketing

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SurveyGizmo: Customer Service Hero

The Customer Service Hero provides immediate and amazing service to 20,000 + customers worldwide.  This person champions customer happiness, satisfaction, and success through patience, understanding, and technical superpowers.

Hiring for nights and weekends

What we want you to do:

▪ Enthusiastically support customers by phone, email, chat, social media and other web-based tools
▪ Accurately identify, analyze, and resolve technical and non-technical issues in a timely manner
▪ Work in a team environment to achieve shared goals
▪ Promptly escalate more complex problems to appropriate internal resources
▪ Participate in enhancing the product from initial design through testing and delivery
▪ Demonstrate a familiarity with standard concepts, practices, and procedures of survey software and data collection
▪ Enthusiastically provide internal support for the application
▪ Continuously endeavor to improve the quality of our support and service, both internally and externally
▪ Provide on-call customer support on holidays and weekends on a shared rotation
What you need to succeed:

▪ A passion for customer service, and a great love for helping people
▪ Be well-versed and comfortable with email, phone, and chat etiquette
▪ Ability to exercise creativity in problem solving
▪ Ability to empathize with customers and convey confidence
▪ Independent and self-reflective learner
▪ Ability to prioritize and get things done with many distractions
▪ Customer service or technical support experience
▪ Familiarity with, or the aptitude to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, or PHP
▪ Experience creating surveys or using survey software
▪ Experience in a SaaS company
▪ Computer proficiency
▪ Excellent written and verbal communication skills
▪ Be a self-starter and comfortable/flexible with frequent change

BrickFTP: Holacracy-Powered BrickFTP Seeks Senior Developer to Fill Systems and Application Development And Other Roles. Ruby, Java, C++.

Hi there.  We’re Action Verb and we build Infrastructure-as-a-Service products.  We’ve been around for almost 10 years, operate profitably, and will probably make the Inc 5000 list this year.
We offer two main products:  BrickFTP,  a hosted file sharing service for business, and Vae Platform, a unique web hosting platform with an integrated CMS system.  Our IaaS services have over 1,800 paying business customers.
We’re small, happy, and we avoid the Silicon Valley startup culture that encourages growth over sustainability.  We treat each full time team member like family.  We have 5 full time staff now (plus 5 part time) and we’re looking to grow our family by one or two faces.

As a company, we are one of the early adopters of Holacracy, a new style of running an organization in a self-organizing manner that draws inspiration from agile software development and lean manufacturing processes.  (
Rather than hiring people for exactly one job description, we instead look to find well rounded team members with skills in software engineering, design, marketing, sales, and our other needs who are interested in filling multiple roles within the organization.
As a self-organizing team, our people have multiple roles and our role descriptions are regularly updated via small iterations.  The roles you take on are intended to change over time as your interests change and our needs change.
“Most startups believe in iteration of their products. Now they need to apply the same thinking to their organizations.” 
— Adam Pisoni, Yammer co-founder & CTO
At Action Verb, you don’t have a boss.  Your work is executed autonomously, without micromanagement.
But Holacracy is not unstructured: you’ll have a clear understanding of your current roles and responsibilities, as well as a set of rules and processes for changing those roles and responsibilities in real time.
Our team members work from home and choose their own hours, allowing them to make time for family, recreation, vacations, or anything that is important to them.
Our team members also work hard, are constantly learning, and accomplish a ton for the company in the time that they are working.  That’s why we consistently pay above-market rates for talent and are generous with raises and bonuses.

We believe that building great products requires great infrastructure.  We have Continuous Integration, a full staging environment, and almost 100% test coverage.  We built our own application deployment system.  We self-manage our server stack on Amazon EC2 and custom hardware.
We believe in using the right tool for the job.  Our core applications are built in Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C++, and PHP.  We use Rails, React, Chef, Qt, Jenkins, Github, Honeybadger, CircleCI, Maven, AWS, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, Haml, Sass, and many other exciting open source systems.
We run Linux (Ubuntu) on our servers, but we support Linux and MacOS as development environments.
We believe that the best engineers tend to be polyglots with lots of experience.  We’re looking for someone who can bring the following things to the table:

Solid web development skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Even though we have lots of backend work to keep several people busy, our business is so web-facing that we think every engineer should be familiar with web technologies.
Firm understanding of how to write secure code and an awareness of common web application security vulnerabilities.
Testing and the ability to write specs (we use Rspec for our Ruby/Java applications)
Ability to prioritize and make decisions without needing to be micromanaged
History developing actual SaaS applications that have seen production usage with real customers.
Truly interested in giving our customers a great experience and able to communicate directly with customers and prospects

We believe that open-source only works if companies give back.  If you work on any open-source projects during the course of your work at Action Verb, you are encouraged to submit your improvements as a pull request back to the upstream project.  And if you build something from scratch while working here that’s generic and not related to our core products, we want you to release that on GitHub too.  We’ll also pay your travel costs to any conference where you can get a speaking gig.
We believe that our products will never be finished.  We are committed to continuously improving our customer experience.  We constantly reach out to our customers to learn about new ways that we can help them get their job done.
Tell us about what you believe.  Please use the link to go to our jobs site to send in your application now.  We only read cover letters in our first screening round, so make sure yours counts.  Specifically, we’d like you to address the following topics:

What is your level of experience with Holacracy?  Had you heard about it prior to this posting?  Do you have any questions about it?
What is your level of experience with a remote team?
What would be your ideal focus areas and roles within the company?  (Please understand that our current needs are mostly on the application and systems development side.)

Python Developer

Job Title: Python Developer

Location: Dallas, TX

Duration: 12+ months

Rate: Competitive


Requirements Skills:

Must have 5 years’ experience on python

Must have 3 years’ experience on PHP and Angular JS

Fell free to call me on 28 306 0508 or mail me at bharat at

Talent Acquisition Team

This contract will help protect and defend the Army’s network. It’s a crucial role. This fantastic opportunity is collaborative, essential, and evolving. This full stack developer will primarily work with C# .NET. Secondly Java but having an understanding of PHP is important. In this role, new technologies and practices can be introduced and are welcome. This is not a position for a developer that is complacent. This is for a developer that wants to keep adding to their skill-set and solve problems on a week to week basis.


Crystal Clear Technologies, a Woman Owned Small Business, was founded in 2002 with the primary goal of serving those who serve. The company is built to support the mission critical requirements of our Department of Defense customers.  CCT has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private businesses in America. CCT offers full serve IT solutions to its customers through three lines of business which include Product Sourcing, Integrated Solutions, and Enterprise Services.

Job Overview:

Full stack lifecycle developer:  Develop and maintain source code to on a variety of custom programs and utilities (intranet web based and server side applications) to maintain the core functional logic and operations of a software or information system to meet client requirements.


Job Requirements:

Expert programming skills in C#, Java, .Net (versions 2.0 – 4.6)
Functional programming experience with VB, HTML, JQuery, JSON, SQL and PHP (expert level is not required)
Ability to work with multiple platforms such as ASP.Net, Windows Authentication, MVC, Angular, Oracle (11g and 12c), MSSQL (versions 2010-2014) TFS and Lucene
Experience with Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems
Will work within a small team of Systems Engineers, Administrators & DBAs to field and support custom applications by testing and debugging application or systems
TS/SCI Clearance
DoD 8570 IAT Level II and CNDSP
SSCP or CEH (CEH at least in motion to complete) Certification